Professional Manufacturer of Fiber Optic Products

Anfkom Telecom is professional manufacturer of fiber optic products in china

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Anfkom Telecom is professional manufacturer of fiber optic products in china,our major products include FTTH ODN Solution,Fiber Optic Components,Fiber Optic Cable,Fiber Optic Equipment,Active Fiber Product and Plastic Optical Fiber etc.

More than 10 years fiber manufacturer and export experiences,our products have be approved by big customers and serve customers from all over the world,such as South Africa、Argentina、Thailand、India、USA、Germany、France、Korea、Italy、Spain、Poland、Russia etc.


Global Business

We offer our customers from around the world to maintain a very good communication and product support services.

Efficient Logistics

Our long-term cooperation with the world's leading logistics and express companies, can ensure that the goods delivered in the shortest time.

Friendly Support

To provide a quick reliable, responsive and cost effective service, in order to meet the needs of our end customers.

Secure Transaction

Anfkom is the professional team for fiber optic products, we have more than 10 years experience in the telecom trade.

New Products

Anfkom have develop many new products according to customer's requirements.

Famous Customers

Anfkom have be approved by big customers,like UK Telecom,India Telecom,Spain Telecom etc.


Sales into 100 countries world-wide and approved by Big Customers,like UK Telecom and India Telecom



D80 Connector for High Laser Power Application

D80 connectors are invented by Mitsubishi, and many improvements have been done continually, widely used in high laser power applications such as laser cutting, laser welding, and medical treatments. Good heat dissipation is the key to the coupling of high power. D80 connectors are equipped with copper ferrules that ha ... + Read more

Understand WDM in One Minute

WDM, Wavelength Division Multiplexing. It is the technology which combines the lights with different wavelength then goes through one fiber, the lights are separated again once it reaches another side, each light goes to their own destination. To make the WDM works well and efficiently, the wavelengths must be allocat ... + Read more

High Power SMA 905 Connector And SMA 906 Connector

There are 2 types of SMA connector, SMA 905 connector and SMA 906 connector. SMA 905 connector has straight ferrule while SMA 906 connector has step ferrule. This is the main difference between these two types. SMA 905 Connector SMA 906 Connector                 The SMA 905 conne ... + Read more

Variable Optical Attenuator

Comparing to the fixed optical attenuator, variable optical attenuator has the function that attenuation can be adjusted as demand. There are two types of optical variable attenuators—these are known as the stepwise variable attenuator and the continuously variable attenuator. Here we are going to introduce different k ... + Read more

Types of fiber optic cable

1. Classification by structure   A.  Strand fiber optic cable Several fibers or fiber units spiral stranding around the center reinforcement. Features: Capacity is big, Easy to control fiber length Good mechanical performance B. Central tube fiber optic cable Put the fibers in the center of the tube without strandin ... + Read more





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