Professional Manufacturer of Fiber Optic Products

Professional Manufacturer/Supplier of fiber optic products

MPO/MTP Data Center


Anfkom Telecom is a professional manufacturer of fiber optic products in China, our major products include FTTH ODN Solution, Fiber Optic Components, Fiber Optic Cable, MPO/MTP Products, Active Fiber Product and Plastic Optical Fiber etc.

More than 10 years fiber manufacture and export experiences, our products have been approved by big customers and serve customers from all over the world, such as South Africa、Argentina、Thailand、India、USA、Germany、France、Korea、Italy、Spain、Poland、Russia etc.


Global Business

We offer our customers from around the world to maintain a very good communication and product support services.

Efficient Logistics

Our long-term cooperation with the world's leading logistics and express companies, can ensure that the goods delivered in the shortest time.

Friendly Support

To provide a quick reliable, responsive and cost effective service, in order to meet the needs of our end customers.

Secure Transaction

Anfkom is the professional team for fiber optic products, we have more than 10 years experience in the telecom trade.

New Products

Anfkom have develop many new products according to customer's requirements.

Famous Customers

Anfkom have be approved by big customers,like UK Telecom,India Telecom,Spain Telecom etc.


Sales into 100 countries world-wide and approved by Big Customers,like UK Telecom and India Telecom



Fiber Termination Box

Fiber Termination Box(FTB) is designed to end the distribution cables in residential buildings and villas. It is a great option for jointing fiber optic cable and pigtails. Fiber management, storage and splicing are done in a box of compact size. FTB provides a safe and secure housing that protects fiber optic splices ... + Read more

Introduction to fibre patch leads

Here is a brief introduction to fibre patch leads, all the fibre patch leads mentioned below can be manufactured by anfkom. Fibre patch leads are designed to rapidly and conveniently connect two fibre optic devices/equipment. With connector/connectors at either end, they enable a quick connection or disconnection of fi ... + Read more

High Power SMA 905 Connector And SMA 906 Connector

SMA 905 and 906 are F-SMA series connectors, which meet the standard IEC 61754-22. Sometimes we say F-SMA 905 connectors, it refers to the same as SMA 905. According to IEC 61754-22, there are two types of connectors in F-SMA connector family. One is a precision type for use with silica fibres from categories A1, A2, A ... + Read more

What is the Fiber Optic Ferrules?

1.what is the fiber optic ferrule? Fiber optic ferrules are mechanical fixtures, generally rigid tubes, which are used to confine the stripped end of a fiber or a fiber bundle. They align and polish optical fibers to prevent the scattering and dampening of the light signal. Most fiber optic ferrules are made o ... + Read more

Introduction to G651,G652,G653,G654,G655,G656,G657 Fiber

Optic fiber is the key to fiber optic network.  What is fiber optic network? There are seven kinds of optic fiber according to ITU standard: G651, G652, G653, G654, G655, G656, G657; But do you know what is the feature of each kind? How to choose them when you want to design a fiber optic network? Let’s ... + Read more

About MTRJ Connector —- Only Few People Know

MTRJ connector is for fiber connection, you can find it on the market easily even It is not as popular as SC or LC connector now. You will find that in the market, almost all the MRTJ patch cords are duplex, no matter it is MTRJ to LC, or MTRJ to SC, MTRJ to ST. MTRJ to LC Multimode fiber optic patch cord MTRJ connecto ... + Read more

Ferrule Endface Geometry

In the fiber optic world, Endface Geometry is a widely accepted term that represents the geometry of polished fiber optic connector ferrule end faces. Endface Geometry features of the polished ferrules on fiber optic connectors are controlled to ensure fiber contact. The end face geometry of a connector directly impact ... + Read more

Different Types Of Fiber Optic Adapter FC

Fiber optic adapter FC is developed to mate two FC fiber optic connectors. It has a metal housing and can be fastened by a turnbuckle, is very easy to operate and can keep the optic link in good status for a long time. So it is widely used as an equipment/instrument’s interface. And it is also widely used in ODF, patch ... + Read more





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