Professional Manufacturer of Fiber Optic Products

Professional Manufacturer/Supplier of fiber optic products

MPO/MTP Data Center


Anfkom Telecom is a professional manufacturer/supplier of fiber optic products in China, our major products include FTTH ODN Solution, Fiber Optic Components, Fiber Optic Cable, MPO/MTP Products, Active Fiber Product and fiber optic accessories etc.

More than 10 years fiber manufacture and export experiences, our products have been approved by big customers and serve customers from all over the world, such as South Africa、Argentina、Thailand、India、USA、Germany、France、Korea、Italy、Spain、Poland、Russia etc.


Global Business

We offer our customers from around the world to maintain a very good communication and product support services.

Efficient Logistics

Our long-term cooperation with the world's leading logistics and express companies, can ensure that the goods delivered in the shortest time.

Friendly Support

To provide a quick reliable, responsive and cost effective service, in order to meet the needs of our end customers.

Secure Transaction

Anfkom is the professional team for fiber optic products, we have more than 10 years experience in the telecom trade.

New Products

Anfkom have develop many new products according to customer's requirements.

Famous Customers

Anfkom have be approved by big customers,like UK Telecom,India Telecom,Spain Telecom etc.


Sales into 100 countries world-wide and approved by Big Customers,like UK Telecom and India Telecom



What quality problems of patch cord will effect your fiber optic network?

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Most Common Problems During Polishing of Fiber Optic Connector

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Fibre optic supplier in China

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Optical Fiber Color Coding

In the UK the color codes for COF200 and 201 are different. Each 12 fiber bundle or element within a cable optical fiber 200/201 cable is colored as follows: TIA-598  US standard, Individual Fiber color coding Color-coding scheme used by Telia AB, Sweden IEC-60794-2-2002, Individual Fiber color coding   ... + Read more

What does GYTS GYTA GYFTY53 mean? — Naming rules of optical cables

In different applications environments, people have different requirements for the structure of optical cables. Frequently we see many types like GYTA, GYTS etc when talking about fiber optic cable. What do these character strings mean? This article introduces the naming rule of different type of fiber optic cable Whic ... + Read more

Anti Rodent Fiber Optic Cable

Rodents pose a significant threat to fiber optic cable, as their gnawing can cause serious damage to the delicate optical fiber. This article aims to discuss the commonly used methods for preventing rodent bites The methods of anti-rodent Chemical methods  It is the addition of a spiciness to the sheath of the optical ... + Read more

Different Types of Armored Fiber Optic Cable

Armored fiber optic cables are constructed with a helical stainless-steel tape over a buffered fiber surrounded by a layer of aramid and stainless-steel mesh with an out jacket. it was designed to provide additional protection to the delicate optical fibers inside, ensuring their performance and longevity in various en ... + Read more

About MTRJ Connector —- Only Few People Know

MT-RJ connector, or Mechanical Transfer Registered Jack, is a type of fiber optic connector that is commonly used in telecommunications and data networking applications. It is a small form factor connector that combines two fibers into a single unit, allowing for high-density installations. You can find it on the marke ... + Read more





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