Professional Manufacturer of Fiber Optic Products

Professional manufacturer of fiber optic products

Fiber Optic Adapter

Fiber optic adapters, also named fiber optic couplers, are designed to connect two fiber optic patch cord. It is the easiest way to link two fiber connections, widely used in indoor applications, such as data center, cabinet, termination box. Also adapter is used in the equipment, as an interface for fiber connection.


Fiber Optic adapters are typically linked two fiber cables with the same connectors, SC to SC, LC to LC, FC to FC, ST to ST, etc… some other adapters which are used to link two different connectors, it is called a hybrid adapter. SC to ST, SC to FC, SC to LC, etc… when the connectors have different ferrule sizes, it is more complicated to mate them with low loss, So the adapter is more expensive, for example, SC to LC adapter. Most fiber optic adapters are female to female, to link two pre-terminated cable. Some others are female-male, which is typically plugged into a port on the equipment/instrument. It allows the port to accept a different connector than the one originally designed.


Anfkom offers a full range of fiber optic adapters/couplers with good repeatability and changeability for mating the ends of two fiber optic cable.





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