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Fiber Optic Splitter

Fiber optic splitter, sometimes called fiber optic coupler or optical splitter, is the device can split one signal into several parts by a certain ratio. It plays an important role in FTTX network Since splitters contain no electronics nor require power and very easy to deploy, splitters can be simply placed in the distribution box/termination box.

The optical splitter can be terminated with different connectors like SC, LC or FC etc, and the primary package could be box type, cassette type or stainless tube type.

There are two fiber optic splitter types according to different manufacturing technique: FBT splitter and PLC Splitter.

Fused Biconical Tapered (FBT) Optical Splitter
The FBT splitter has been developed over 20 years, two fibers are positioned closely and fused together by heating, then become an elongated and tapered assembly. This manufacturing technique is mature and the cost is lower, so that the FBT optical splitter can be deployed in a cost-effective manner. FBT splitters are widely used in FTTH networks, especially for the applications where the split configuration is smaller.

Planar Lightwave Circuit (PLC) Optical Splitter
Even FBT technology is mature with lower cost, but it has a limit in the number of quality splits which can be achieved in a single instance. With a more advanced technology, the PLC splitter is a better solution for applications which require larger split configurations.





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