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Fiber Optic Patch Panel

Fiber optic patch panels are designed for fiber management, including position, splicing, storage and protection.

It has an array of ports in the front, which can fit different adapters such as SC, FC, ST, LC. Each port connects to another port located elsewhere in the building through patch cords. It makes the connection between different devices easy and well organized.

Fiber optic patch panels are made of metal, keep the plastic splice trays inside. The splice trays allow fibers to be fused with fiber pigtails which are linked to the adapters on the patch plate.

There are three types of fiber optic patch panel, fixed-type, slide-type, rotate-type.

Fixed-type means that you can not move it when it is fixed on the rack. If you want to see the inside or do any operations, you have to lift the top cover.

Slide-type means that you can slide it like sliding a drawer when it is fixed on the rack. It is convenient to operate, but this one is more expensive than the fixed-type one.

Rotate-type means that you can open it like opening a door when it is fixed on the rack. it can be rotated around one side.





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