Professional Manufacturer of Fiber Optic Products

Professional Manufacturer of fiber optic products

HDPE Micro Duct

As part of air blown fiber solution, micro duct is designed for deploying the air blown fiber. There are several types of micro ducts used in different applications. some can be installed in the new or existing conduits to improve the conduit capacity, while others can be directly buried. They are made of different materials with different structures. HDPE is the most popular material.

Each micro dust is a pathway for fiber. You can leave some spare ducts at initial installation. It will be very convenient to expand your network according to the real demand in future. You just need to blow new fibers into the spare ducts. This job can be finished in a very short time without any interruption to the existing network.

Micro ducts have a size ranging from typically 3 to 16 mm and are installed as bundles in larger ducts. As a manufacturer of micro duct, anfkom can provide all the components required for the whole micro duct system.





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