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MPO/MTP Patch Cord

MPO/MTP patch cord is a multi-fiber cable assembled with MPO/MTP connector at either end. It is widely used in the data center, central office, and any other high-density applications, both at single-mode and multi-mode wavelength.


MPO/MTP patch cord is not currently designed for field-fit applications, so it must be factory terminated. Since the sequence of the fibers cannot physically be changed after termination, making the polarity clear is important. According to IEC,there are three types, Polarity A, B, and C. Which type to choose depends on the individual applications. If the polarity is not be made correctly, the whole system will not work normally.


MPO/MTP patch cord can be terminated with several MPO/MTP connectors at both ends. Such as the trunk cable is 144F, with 12 pieces 12F MPO connector at each end. And also can be one MPO/MTP connector at one side, another side is 8 or 12 LC connectors, It is called MPO breakout cable.


ANFKOM is a manufacturer of MPO/MTP patch cord, provide MPO/MTP patch cord according to the client’s requirements. Our proprietary MPO/MTP manufacturing process employs the most advanced polishing technology for producing the MPO/MTP connectors with the best optical performance in the industry. We can offer 4, 8, 12, 24,48,96 and 144-fiber MPO/MTP patch cord, with ribbon, flat and round cable structure options. We can also provide the MPO/MTP patch cord with IP (waterproof) connectivity.





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