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Professional Manufacturer/Supplier of fiber optic products

High Power Fiber Optic

High power fiber is specially designed for demanding high power applications, for example, material processing and fiber lasers. Anfkom provides a series of high power fiber patch cord with different connectors, SMA 905, D80 and FC connectors.


1. SMA 905 connector is widely accepted in the high power system. It is used for military, industrial, and medical applications. SMA 905 connector has a threaded coupling nut and features a stainless steel or a high-quality zirconia ferrule with ID size from 50um to 1500um.


2. D80 connectors are equipped with copper ferrules that have good conductivity and a cooling element. It is used wherever high laser power is required.


3. FC connector is a standard connector used in telecom applications, but it is also can used in high power applications.





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