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Connector Core Tuner Machine

Product Name: Connector Core Tuner Machine
Brand: Anfkom
Raw Materials:
Using Life:20 Years
Loading Port: Shenzhen,Shekou
MOQ: 1pc
Shipping Mark: Anfkom
Lead Time: 15-20 days
Country of Origin: China

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  • Product Detail

Fiber optic connector active link connection loss caused mainly by the following aspects:
1.Fiber core
2.Horizontal mismatch
3.Vertical mismatch
4.Axial mismatch

The most important factor caused Insertion Loss (IL) is horizontal mismatch.
We developed two kinds of equipment—automatic Core Manual Core Tuner C and Auto Core Tuner S to meet different requirements from customers. Either manually or automatically adjustable core are defined new standards for instrument.

Mode Core Tuner C Core Tuner S
Rotate way Manual Auto
Test Speed 8s 4s
ConcentricityRepeatability ±0.1um ±0.08um
  Bearing angle Repeatability ±10° ±5°
Focus Auto
Image Brightness Auto
Applications PC & APC   1.25mm ferrule & connector

PC & APC   2.5mm ferrule & connector

Power supply DC   24V
Volume 270mm(L) * 150mm(W) * 112(H)





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