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What quality problems of patch cord will effect your fiber optic network?

Network Slowly?
Transmission speed unstable?
Data package missing?

Have you encountered one or any of these problems?
I know you must don’t want any complaints like these from your customers as ISP.

These problems may be caused by software delay, server abnormal, Priority setting, fibre broken.
Here we are discussing another two factors: Insert Loss, end face of connector.

End Face

End face normally may has problems as below:

D.Water vapor

1.What will cause the end face problem during production?

A.Polish setting
B.Polish equipment & polish film
C.End face cleaning
D.End face checking
E.Dirty dust cap
F.Water vapor during transporting

2.How to solve the end face problems?

A.Standard production process.
B.Professional workers
C.Using stable polish equipment and good polish film
D.Cleaning dust cap
F.Strict inspection criterion

Insert Loss

1.What will increase insertion loss?

Raw material:
A.Bad Fiber material,
B.Ferrule Concentricity is big
C.Aramid yarn, chinese Aramid yarn may cause micro bend when packing.

Production process:
A.ferrule apex offset high duet to poor polishing.
B.Ferrule no flexibility when assemble
C.Micro bend with 0.9mm fiber
D.Flat Ferrule after polish

A.Fulfilled between mater patch cord and test patch cord.
B.Mater patch cord and adapter not refresh after lots of testing.

2.How to control the insert loss?

A.Use good raw material, like concentricity 0.5 ferrule, America amamid yarn, good performance fiber.
B.Standard production process
C.Cleaning the interface on test machine periodically. Periodic test equipment calibration. Periodic checking on the mater patch cord and adapter.


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