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High Power SMA 905 Connector And SMA 906 Connector

There are 2 types of SMA connector, SMA 905 connector and SMA 906 connector. SMA 905 connector has straight ferrule while SMA 906 connector has step ferrule. This is the main difference between these two types.

high power sma 905 connector

SMA 905 Connector

high power sma 906 connector

SMA 906 Connector









The SMA 905 connector is a non-contact connector typically used in medical, industrial, and military applications.  The stepped ferrule design of SMA 906 connector allows an alignment sleeve to be used when two SMA 906 connectors are mated, hence the connection loss is lower than SMA 905 connection.


SMA 905 connectors have two types: SMA 905 (Low power)and HPSMA 905(High Power). A metal/ceramic ferrule is held tightly around the cladding of a fibre optic with a polished (or possibly cleaved) end surface. Low power SMA905 connector has a stainless steel ferrule or ceramic ferrule, but since high-power SMA905 connectors are prone to overheating, many have used the steel instead of copper (or copper alloy) to utilize the thermal conduction properties of that material.

HPSMA 905 connector

HPSMA 905 connector with flute









HPSMA 905 connector can be with or without flute. Without flute is the same as SMA905. The flute prevents dirty from damaging the fiber.



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