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How to manage when the fiber patch cord become more and more?

In 8 years ago, there were… 100 patch cords in engine room.
In 4 years ago, there were… 1,000 patch cords in engine room.
Since NOW, there are more than 10,000 patch cords in engine room.

Now, we were using more than 10,000 patch cords in engine room. But do you know how many patch cords were not used?

4%-12% Scrap
2019…Will grow by two times

The problem of patch cord
Did the installer do well of the design line?
Need the patch cord stick label mark on A&B?
When will the label mark come off?
When we need to connect the patch cord, how much the time did the installer spend on finding the correspond patch cord?
How to make sure the patch cord when the equipment is going?
How to check when the sticker become fuzzy?
How to manage when the fiber patch cord become more and more?

Currently the patch cord will grow by two times(photo left), to get when we need to repair or setup the patch cord it would spend a lots of time to make sure. Check the photo right it
can be check the correspond patch cord immediately,it might save time to setup.

How to manage when the fiber patch cord become more and more?
If you have to operator the fiber patch cord,but you didn’t find, how could you do?
The equipment cost increase ≠Asset Waste +Staff Waste + Client Complain

Traceable Patch Cord
Be your best choose

Traceable fiber patch cord offers quick and accurate method of identifying the termination point of optical patch cords. Each end of Tracer fiber patch cord features a flashing light allowing technicians to visually trace individual patch cords from one end to another without pulling or affecting the patch cord. We can provide special power sources which is easily attached to the Traceable fiber patch cord. This causes the LED on each end to begin flashing 30s and stay in lit.

Fiber Patch Cord Traceable must be working with the power driving to identify the exactly cable.

Helping installers and repairers save the time to the setup.
To save the time to find patch cord
Do not need to touch the Ferrule, avoid affecting the dB.
Increasing stability and confidence to installers and repairers

The phone engine room
CATV Network
Date process center
Network exchange center
The transfer equipment

Inter loss : 0.25dB
Return loss: ≧50dB
Repeatability: ≦0.1dB
Conductive distance:300 M/3V
Temperature: -30℃~80℃
Mating cycles: 500(times)
Tension repellence:100N(ψ3.0)
Tension repellence:300N(ψ3.0



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