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Optical Fiber Identifier

Product Name: Fiber Identifier
Brand: Anfkom
Raw Materials:
Using Life:20 Years
Loading Port: Shenzhen,Shekou
MOQ: 1pc
Shipping Mark: Anfkom
Lead Time: 15-20 days
Country of Origin: China

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  • Product Detail

It is an essential installation and maintenance instrument.By inserting the fiber into its adapter head,it can identify SM optical fibers without any damage by detecting the optical signals being transmitted through them so as to avoid the opening of the fiber at the splice point for identification and thus avoids the interruption of the service.In the presence of traffic, the intermittently audible tone is activated.The 3306A optical fiber identifier also allows relative core power display and identification of the 270Hz,1kHz and 2kHz frequencies. When they are used to detect the frequency, the continuously audible tone is activated.There are four types of adapter heads available: 0.25,0.9,3.0 and 2.0.The 3306A optical fiber identifier is powered by a 9V alkaline battery.


Efficiently identifies the traffic direction and frequency tone (270Hz, 1KHz, 2KHz) without any damage of the fibers.
Displays the core power of the fibers (-50~+0dBm)
Low bending loss and highly efficient output
Easy-to-replace adaptors (0.25, 0.9, 2.0, 3.0 to match various optical cables)
Machanical damp design of adapter heads to ensure the fiber without damage.


Maintenance in Telecom
Maintenance CATV
Test Lab of optical fibers
Other Fiber Optic Measurements





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