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RS232/RS485/RS422 to Fiber Optic Converter/Fiber Modem

Product Name: Fiber Modem
Brand: Anfkom
Raw Materials:
Using Life:20 Years
Loading Port: Shenzhen,Shekou
MOQ: 10pcs
Packing: Carton Box
Shipping Mark: Anfkom
Lead Time: 15-20 days
Country of Origin: China

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Fiber Modem is equipped with a multiple interface circuit that can handle RS-232 or RS-422/485 serial interfaces and multi-mode or single-mode fiber. they are used to extend serial transmission distance up to 2 km (multi-mode fiber) or up to 20 km (single- mode fiber). Note that the RS-232 and RS-422/485 interfaces cannot be used on the same Model168 at the same time to convert to fiber. Auto Baud Rate Detection The Model168 Series incorporates a method for automatically detecting the serial signal baud rate by hardware. This is an extremely convenient feature for the user. Even if a devices baud rate is changed, the signal will still be transmitted through the RS-232 or RS-422/485 to fiber converter without any problem.


Auto sense serial signal rate, zero delay automatic transmit
500Kbps the highest rate
Supply three interface (RS232/485/422)
Multi-mode 2KM, signal-mode 20KM


Standard Accord EIA RS-232, RS-48, RS-422 standard
RS-232 signal IN, OUT, GND
RS-485 signal D+, D-, GND
RS-422 signal R+, R-, T+, T-, GND
Fiber signal IN, OUT
Working format Asynchronism, point to point or multi-point
Direction control Adopt automatic send data control, auto distinguish and control data transfer direction
Band rate 0-500Kbps, auto serial band rate test
Fiber wavelength Multi-mode 850nm, signal-mode 1310nm
Electricity port transmission RS-232 port 15M, RS-485/422 port 1200M
Optic port transmission Multi-mode 2KM, signal-mode 20KM
Loading RS-485/422 port Support 32 port loop environment (or hand tailor 128 point)
Interface protection 600W surge protection, 15KV static protection
Electricity connector 8 terminal block
Optic port connector Multi-mode adopt ST/SC connector, signal-mode adopt FC/ST/SC connector





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