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Fiber Optic Connector MU

Product Name: Fiber Optic Connector MU
Brand: Anfkom
Raw Materials: CCTC Ferrule
Using Life:20 Years
Loading Port: Shenzhen,Shekou
MOQ: 100pcs
Packing: Carton Box
Shipping Mark: Anfkom
Lead Time: 5-20 days
Country of Origin: China

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  • Product Detail

MU connector was developed by NTT. It is similar to SC connector with half size and has the same push/pull style. It is with a 1.25 mm ferrule and can fit 2 channels in the same footprint of single SC connector.

The MU connector is an industry-standard fiber optic connector in Japan and is used in LAN, MAN, and WAN, especially for high-density applications.

MU is covered in the TIA connector interpretability standard FOCIS-17 (TIA-604-17).

Why need this MU type connector?

Firstly, there is a large number of optical connection which just take up a little space are required, it is high-density applications.

Second,  the optical connection between a printed board and a backplane, to realize a stable physical contact, two connector ferrules are butted against each other with coil spring which supplies a ferrule compression force of about 10N. Also, the spring press a force directly to the backplane, it will make the backplane deformation. In order to solve this problem, a connector self-retentive mechanism is required. This is the MU connector.

Anfkom supplies a wide range of  MU fiber optic connectors and related MU products such as MU adapters, MU attenuators and patch cord.






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