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Fiber Optic Reflector FBG SC/UPC 1625nm

Product Name: Fiber Optic Reflector FBG SC/UPC 1625nm

Brand: Anfkom

Raw Materials: Corning or YOFC fiber, US kevlar

Using Life: 20 Years

Loading Port: Shenzhen, Shekou

MOQ: 500pcs

Packing: Carton Box

Shipping Mark: Anfkom

Lead Time: 15-20 days

Country of Origin: China

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  • Product Detail

The 1625nm FBG( fiber Bragg grating) fiber optic reflector is an important device for communication link detection in the field of optical transmission. The principle is equivalent to a band-pass filter, which completely reflects the light between 1620nm and 1630nm (the return ratio exceeds 99.5%), and all other wavelengths of light pass. When used in the communication field, the communication light and the detection light can be separated to prevent the detection light from passing and thus affect the communication signal. At the same time, the return light can be detected at the control end. Its advantages are precise control, stable work and long service life.

Parameters Unit Min Typical Max
1  Pass Band Wavelength nm 1260~1600
2 Reflect Band Wavelength nm 1620-1630
3.1  IL (1260nm-1360nm) dB 1.4
3.2  IL (1460nm-1580nm) dB 1.4
3.3  IL (1580nm-1600nm) dB 2
3.4  IL (REFLECT BAND) dB 21
4.1  ORL(1260nm-1360nm) dB 35
4.2 ORL  (1460nm-1580nm) dB 35
4.3 ORL  (1580nm-1600nm) dB 20
4.4 ORL (REFLECT BAND) (Note 3) dB 0 1
5  TDL (1260nm-1600nm) dB 0.4
6 Ripple (REFLECT BAND) dB 0.6
7 Max Optical Power Handling dBm 27
8  Plug Times 500
9  Input/Output SC/UPC Male & SC/UPC Female





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