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Fiberglass duct rodder/ Push Rod Cable Feeder

Product Name: Fiberglass duct rodder/ Push Rod Cable Feeder
Brand: Anfkom
Using Life:20 Years
Loading Port: Shenzhen,Shekou
MOQ: 100pcs
Packing: Carton Box
Shipping Mark: Anfkom
Lead Time: 15-20 days
Country of Origin: China

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Applies in tow leadrope through a pipe, it is auxiliary means. Surface smooth and high resilience, so the FRP perforator with ease passes the narrow channel. perforator consists of two parts: the glass fiber strengthen the level, the high-pressured low density polyethylene protective layer(smooth, firm , can resist the adverse circumstance). It has time saving reducing effort, improving efficiency, etc.
Duct Rodder can be used for telecom cables, cable pipe and cleaning and plastic pipe of cloths to put.when use draws out the FPR pole by the pulley, then with a corresponding metal joint, penetrates in the pipeline. When cleaning, guidehead will drive cleaning tools to clean the pipe;When arranges the cable, you may first leads the steel wire or the iron wire, then enters the pipe with the steel wire or the iron wire hauling cable.


Duct Rodder Dia from 4.5mm to 18mm. The longth of fiberglass rod from 50 meter to 500 meter


Strong non-conductive fiberglass rod construction
Stainless steel drawing head
For longer conduit runs and underground duct
Rugged tubular steel reel with adjustable position.
Feed device allows rod to feed out or be wound back onto reel with easy pushi or pull of rod.
Duct rods/duct rodders have Many applications, not only pulling the cable but also pulling electric tools, and it repair is very easy, and available.


Specification Rod Diameter (mm) Φ4,Φ5,Φ6,Φ8,Φ10,Φ11,Φ12,Φ13,Φ14,Φ15,Φ16
Rod Length (m) 30m~500m
Frame Spec.(mm) 1300x450x1330,1200x420x1220,980x350x1000,680x240x700,420x180x400
Material: Fiber glass rod inner, Extruded by fiber glass and high strength resin at high temperature
Fiber glass rod outer High Density polyethylene coating
Metal Frame Steel with high-temperature sprayed plastic or hot dip galvanized
Physical Property Fiber glass content 75-80%
Density >1.9gr/cm3
Working environment -40°C to +80°C
Minimum Pulling strength 4000N +/-5%
Consistency of rod 137gr/m
Flexural Modulus >46.500Mpa
Elongation at break 2.5-3%
Min Bending Radius 388mm





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