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Outdoor FTTA Waterproof Junction Box

Product Name: Fiber Junction Box
Brand: Anfkom
Raw Materials:
Using Life:20 Years
Loading Port: Shenzhen,Shekou
MOQ: 500pcs
Packing: Carton Box
Shipping Mark: Anfkom
Lead Time: 15-20 days
Country of Origin: China

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Outdoor waterproof protected ODVA-LC/SC/MPO Fiber to the Antenna Rugged Interconnect to meet the needs of the next generation WiMax and long term evolution (LTE) fiber to the antenna (FTTA) connection design for outdoor use harsh requirements, has released the ODVA-DLC connector system, which provides the remote radio between the SFP connection and the base station, used for Telecom applications.
This new product to adapt the SFP transceiver provides the most widely in the market, so that end users can choose to meet the specific requirements of the transceiver system.


High compatibility: Can be assembled ODVA, Hconn, Mini SC, AARC, PTLC, PTMPO or power adaptor.
Factory sealed or field assembly.
Strong enough: working under 1200N pulling force long term.
From 2 to 12 ports for single or multifiber harsh connector.
Available with PLC or splice sleeve for fiber divide.
IP67 waterproof rating.
Wall-mounting, aerial installation or holding pole installation.
Decreased angle surface and height make sure no connector interfering when operating.
Meet IEC 61753-1 standard.
Cost effective: save 40% operating time.
Insertion loss:SC/LC≤0.3dB ,MPT/MPO≤0.5dB,Return loss:≥50dB.
Tensile strength:> 50 N
Job stress: 70 kpa to 106 kpa;
Using the temperature:- 40 ~ + 75 ℃
Relative humidity: ≤85% (+ 30 ℃).
Protection grade: IP67
Internal inventory redundant optical fiber, convenient in operation and maintenance.
Optical fiber can be welding or cold, the applicable scope is wide,especially suitable for the use of
multi-storey and high-rise tenants,easy to install, easy to install.
Material: ABS new resistance fuel, quality assurance, the flame retardant performance accord with
standard of communication industry, flame retardant grade UL94V – level 0
Suitable adapter : MIni-SC, H connector-SC, ODVA-LC,ODVA-MPO,ODVA-MPT.
Structure: open type
Color: grey (color can be customized)
Sealing way: TPE seals
Installation method: overhead, hanging.

Dimensions 365*137*90(without cover); 375*142*120mm(with cover)
Ingress protection IP67
Temperature range -40 to 80 degree
Cable strength member Armoured or non-armoured
Cable type Hybrid or non-hybrid
Round cable OD 5-14mm
Flat cable dimension 4.6*8.9mm
Cable jacket material LSZH, PE, TPU
Bending radius 20D
Cable crush resistance 200N/cm long term
Tensile strength 1200N long term
UV resistance ISO 4892-3
Fiber protection rating UL94-V0
Number of PLC 1 piece or 2 pieces
Number of fusion protection sleeve 1 piece to 24 pieces





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