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Criterion For Cable Inspection

Item: Cable(Simplex and Duplex)


A. Appearance

1. Check whether the type meets the requirements of the order.
2. Packing: Each end of the cable must be fixed within the drum. The labels both on the drum
and its package must be the same.
3. Jacket must be in accordance with order, Surface should be round and smooth without
defects and flats. There should not be visible cracks, small holes and air bubbles in the cuts.
4. There must be durable printings on the jacket and they must be legible and firm.

B. Dimensions

Outer Diameter: Φ0.9:Φ0.88-Φ0.92 Φ2.0
Cable Diameter: Φ1.8-Φ2.2 Φ3.0 CABLE:Φ2.6-Φ3.2
The length must be exactly as it is labeled.

C. Optical Performance

There must not be broken fiber. Check it with Fault Detector.

D.Inspection for Acceptance

For one batch of cable, 1-2 rolls will be selected randomly. 5 meters from each roll will be
inspected. Acceptance can only be made when all the above criterion is met. For some of the
parameters we could not inspect by ourself, we must check the testing reports from the
suppliers strictly.


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