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Criterion for Ferrule Inspection

Item:Zircornia Ferrule (with flange)

Model:SC/LC/PC/APC type

A. Appearance

1. Neatly and firmly packed with PASSED sign and testing reports;
2. Ceramic parts neat and clean with consistent color; No spots, cracks and burr edges;
Consistent angle; End face must be protruding sphere. APC wimble diameter is
1.0mm(can be 1.4mm upon customer request), APC stepped type can be measured with
dig-caliber. Taper type can’t be measured. Check the test report from the supplier.
3. The flange must be shining without burr edges, Metal part must be stainless steel or bronze.
4. The whole body has no bending or distortion.

B. Dimensions

SC/FC/SC Outer Diameter: Φ2.499±0.001
Flange slot width: For APC 1.38-1.43 mm,and for PC 1.4-1.6 mm. The four
slots must be the same and the tolerance is no more than 0.1mm.
Flange Length : 8.05±0.1 or 16.5±0.1/19.5±0.1
LC Length: 6.5±0.05mm OD:Φ1.24
Inner Diameter of ferrule: SM 1253(125.3-126.3)/1255(125.5-126.5)1260(126.0-127.0um)
MM 1260(126.0-129.0)/1270(127.0-130.0um)
No jam in the bore; 125um bare fiber can be put through easily, so do the same size stainless pin.

C. Performances(together with qualified connector and simplex cable):

PC: IL ≤0.3dB RL≥50 dB; APC:IL≤0.3dB ,RL ≥60 dB
Sampling for ferrule suppliers must be testes once every month and the results must be well-kept.

D. Inspection for Acceptance

For every batch, sampling inspection must be done under Orientation for Inspection. Detail
requirements are as follows:
1. Appearance: Type II: AQL=2.5
2. Dimensions: Type II: AQL=0.65
3. Performance: Type II: AQL=0.65
When all the above criterion are met, can they be accepted as Qualified.


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