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D80 Connector for High Laser Power Application

D80 connectors are invented by Mitsubishi, and many improvements have been done continually, widely used in high laser power applications such as laser cutting, laser welding, and medical treatments.

Good heat dissipation is the key to the coupling of high power. D80 connectors are equipped with copper ferrules that have good conductivity and a cooling element(optionally). The connector adopts glueless technology to improve the heat dissipation effect, hence extend the service life.

D80 connectors can be provided with or without a positioning nose.

The diameter of the ferrule is 4.0mm and can be suited for the fiber core diameter 100um,200um,300um,400um,600um,800um,1000um, 1500um. The available wavelength range is from 400nm ~ 2400nm.

D80 fiber assemblies are used for high laser power delivery. It is flexible for power transmission, the transmission efficiency is up to 90%.  There are different versions available.

1. Fiber assembly with D80 connector without cooling element.

D80 connector without cooling element

2. Fiber assembly with D80 connector with a cooling element

D80 connector with cooling element

3. Fiber assembly with D80 connector with Monitoring function.

This type is used in particularly critical applications, where even a small defect in fiber will cause serious consequences. We don’t provide this type at the moment.

Of course, ANFKOM also provides fiber patch cord with D80 connectors in a Modestrip version(sapphire-protected).


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