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What does GYTS GYTA GYFTY53 mean? — Naming rules of optical cables

In different applications environments, people have different requirements for the structure of optical cables. Frequently we see many types like GYTA, GYTS etc when talking about fiber optic cable. What do these character strings mean? This article introduces the naming rule of different type of fiber optic cable Which describe in standard YD/T 908-2020 “Naming Method for Optical Fiber Cable Models”.

Here we take GYFTY53 as the example to introduce the rules.


GYFTY53 is composed of 5 parts:

  1. Category: GY
  2. Enhancement: F
  3. Structure feature: T
  4. Sheath: Y
  5. Outer sheath: 53

Then what the true meaning of each part? Below are the detail descriptions of each part. All are from standard YD/T 908-2020.

1. Category

 Category GY(Outdoor fiber cable) GJ(Indoor Fiber Cable) GJY(Indoor/Outdoor Fiber Cable) Others
Sub-category GYC(Outdoor blow fiber cable) GJA(Indoor Fiber cable for Terminal components) GJYR(Indoor/Outdoor round drop cable) GH(Submarie Fiber Cable)
GYL(Outdoor fiber cable laying on road) GJC(Indoor blow fiber cable) GJYX(Indoor/Outdoor butterfly drop cable) GM(Mobile Fiber Cable)
GYP(Outdoor duct fiber cable) GJB(Indoor breakout fiber cable) GJYQ(Indoor/Outdoor light fiber cable) GS(Equipment Fiber Cable)
GYQ(Outdoor light fiber cable) GJP(Indoor distribution fiber cable) GT(Special Fiber Cable)
GJI(Indoor interconnect fiber cable) GD(Optoelectronic hybrid optical cable)
GJH(Indoor Invisble fiber cable) GDJ(Optoelectronic hybrid Indoor optical cable)
GJR(Indoor round drop cable)
GJX(Indoor butterfly drop cable)

2. Reinforcement

Defalut(No symbol): Metal enhancement

F: Non-metal enhancement

N: No enhancement

3. Structure

1. Fiber  2. Buffer 3. Fiber cores structure 4. water-block
(No symbol)
discrete Default
(No symbol)
Plastic Loose tube Default
(No symbol)
stranded layer Default
(No symbol)
D Ribbon M Metal Loose tube G Groove HT Half-Dry
S cured fiber bundle E No buffer R Bundle T Filled
J Tight buffer X central tube
5. reinforcement layer 6. Support 7. suspension wire
(No symbol)
No  reinforcement layer Default
(No symbol)
Non self-supporting Default
(No symbol)
Metal suspension wire
or No suspension wire
0 No  reinforcement layer C Self-support F Non-metal suspension wire
1 steel tube
2 wrap steel tape
3 single layer steel wire
33 double layer steel wire
4 stainless steel tape
5 Chromium plated steel strip
6 Non Metal wire
7 Nom metal tape
8 Non Metal rod
88 double layer Non Metal rod

4. Sheath

1.Flame retardant 2.structure 3.Material
(No symbol)
No Flame retardant Default
(No symbol)
Single material sheath Default
(No symbol)
Z Flame retardant A Plastic-coated aluminum Y polyethylene
S plastic-coated steel V PVC
W plastic-coated steel with Parallel reinforcement H LSZH
P plastic sheath with Parallel reinforcement U PU
K Plastic-coated Spiral steel pipe N Nylon
L Aluminum
G Steel

5. Outer Sheath

1. Armored 2. Outer Sheath
0 or Default
(No symbol)
Non-armored 0 or Default
(No symbol)
No outer sheath
1 steel tube 1 Fiber coating
2 wrap steel tape 2 PVC
3 single layer steel wire 3 PE
33 double layer steel wire 4 PE+Nylon
4 stainless steel tape 5 Nylon
5 Chromium plated steel strip 6 flame retardant PE
6 Non Metal wire 7 PE coated Nylon
7 Nom metal tape 8 LSZH+Flame retardant+polyolefin
8 Non Metal rod 9 PU
88 double layer Non Metal rod


So now you can know what GYFTY53 stand for?

GY means outdoor,

F means Non-metal enhancement,

T means Filled, remains are default, default means discrete, loose tube, stranded layer, No reinforcement, Not self-supporting. Metal suspension wire or No suspension wire.

Y means sheath is PE

53 means outer sheath is Chromium plated steel tape+ PE

What is GYTA? It is outdoor, Metal reinforcement, Filled, discrete, loose tube, stranded layer, Plastic-coated aluminum, PE



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