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Different Types of Armored Fiber Optic Cable

Armored fiber optic cables are constructed with a helical stainless-steel tape over a buffered fiber surrounded by a layer of aramid and stainless-steel mesh with an out jacket. it was designed to provide additional protection to the delicate optical fibers inside, ensuring their performance and longevity in various environments. Different types of armor are used to reinforce the cables and provide resistance against mechanical stress, moisture, rodent bites, UV radiation, and other hazards. This article aims to introduce and compare different types of armored fiber optic cables commonly used in telecommunications and industrial applications.

Square-lock armored Fiber optic cable

Braided Armored

Square-lock armor consists of a square-profiled metal strip tightly wound around the fiber optic cable. This armor type offers excellent flexibility and bending resistance, making it suitable for applications requiring frequent cable movement. Square-lock armor provides good protection against abrasion and mechanical stress, ensuring the cable’s longevity in harsh environments.

square-lock vs interlock

Inter-lock armored fiber optic cable

interlock armored

Interlock armor involves interlocking metal strips that wrap around the cable, providing enhanced tensile strength and crush resistance. This type of armor offers superior protection against external pressure and is commonly used in outdoor and industrial installations. Interlock armor provides robust protection against impacts and prevents the cable from being easily severed or damaged.

Spiral steel Armored Fiber optic cable

spiral armored fiber optic cable

Spiral steel armor consists of a helically wound steel strip that offers exceptional flexibility and ease of installation. This armor type provides reliable protection against rodent bites, UV radiation, and mechanical stress. Spiral steel armor is often used in outdoor applications where the cable may be exposed to challenging environmental conditions.

Steel wire armored fiber optic cable

steel wire armored fiber optic cable

Steel wire armor involves the use of multiple steel wires wound around the cable in a helical pattern. This armor type provides excellent crush resistance and protects against external forces, including impacts and heavy loads. Steel wire armor is commonly used in underground installations or areas with high mechanical stress.

Steel wire armor (SWA) is the strongest of the armoring options. It involves stranding galvanized steel wires around the cable and the extruding over it a final sheath. Some very heavy-duty cables have two layers of steel wire wound on in opposite directions, such as submarine cables.

Steel Wire Braided Armor

Braided Armored fiber optic cable

The difference between braided and armoring, as the two seve very different purpose. Braiding is primarily designed to protect the cable from outside source of the electromagnetic interference. And sometimes to give the cable some torsional strength.

Corrugated Armor fiber optic cable

corrurated armored fiber optic cable

Corrugated armor is a coated steel tape folded around the cable longitudinally.

Corrugated armor utilizes a longitudinally ribbed metal tape that provides both flexibility and high tensile strength. This armor type offers excellent protection against moisture, rodents, and other physical threats. Corrugated armor is commonly used in direct burial applications or areas with high levels of vibration.



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