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Fiber Optic Splitter or WDM?

As a beginner, it is always confused by Fiber optic splitter and WDM. It looks similar, but actually it is totally different thing.


Fiber Optic Splitter: It is an integrated waveguide optic power distribution device that can split an incident light beam into two or more light beams, and vice versa, containing multiple input and out ends.

WDM:  Wavelength Division Multiplexing(WDM) is a fiber optic transmission technique that enables the use of multiple light wavelengths(or colors) to send data over the same medium. It includes: CWDM, DWDM, MWDM, LWDM.

Working principle:

Fiber Optic Splitter is about sharing a single signal between multiple users;

fiber optic splitter

Due to the rapid growth in telecommunication links, high capacity and faster data transmission rates over farther distances are required. WDM is the right technology to increase capacity on a single fiber(long-haul or DCI). With WDM we can transmit more than one high speed digital data stream on a single optical fiber.



Fiber optic splitter:  It is generally used to split the optical signal between the optical line terminal OLT and the optical network terminal ONU of the passive optical network.

WDM: 5G Fronthaul, Oil and Gas, Industry, Power, Mining, cable TV, FTTx, Passive Optical Network.


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