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FTTH Fast connector

The optical fiber fast connector is also called the field assembled connector or Fast Install connector. Just with simple tools, you can add these connectors to the optical cable on site in a short time.

Fiber Splicing as an important part in the construction of FTTH, it increased largely as the quick development of the communication. At the same time, the splicing points deployed indoor has also brought a significant increase in the difficulty of splicing. It makes the traditional hot-melt splicing method unable to adapt to the current terminal connection work of FTTH. It is bound to choose a faster and more convenient way to replace hot melting. Quick connector has exactly been designed with such advantages, It brings revolutionary changes to the current optical fiber connection work.

There are certain restrictions in the hot welding: 1. The welding machine construction needs an operating platform which requires enough space; 2. The welding machine is expensive hence increase the construction cost; 3. Hot melting equipment is large and heavy, inconvenient to carry;4. Hot melting equipment requires battery, hence working time is limit.

Comparing to hot welding, the fast connector has some advantages: 1. It is easy to operate, the optical cable needs only one stripping; 2. No special requirements for the operating environment; 3. No battery/power required; 4. The tool is simple and easy to carry.

The quick connector is mainly used in two applications: one is used in optical fiber distribution box to splice the distribution optical cable and the incoming drop cable; The other is used in the access point at home, to directly connect the home terminal ONU.

Types of quick connector

fast connector

Straight Through: the optical cable is peeled and cut and then directly threaded from the end to the top of the connector. There is no splicing point inside the connector.


1.The cutting end face of optical fiber must be flat to ensure the return loss, it requires the employee have been well-trained.

2.The ferrule must be matched with fiber very well.

3.Strict requirements for cutting length and strength of clamping parts

Embedded type: a section of optical fiber is embedded in the connector core. After stripping and cutting, the optical fiber is butted with the embedded optical fiber in the V groove inside the connector, and the V groove is filled with matching liquid.


1.The end face of the embedded optical fiber in the ceramic insert is polished to ensure the return loss.

2.Matching liquid is used to make the mating is much easier. The cutting face is not required to have a very high flatness.

3.The embedded optical fiber is cured by glue injection, avoid shaking and core deviation.



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