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What Equipments and Consumables do you need for MPO/MTP Patch cord Production?

1.Cable Stripper
Idea Cable Stripper 45-163 for round multicore cable or MILLER stripper

2.Hot Ribbon Stripper
You can choose SEI Hot Ribbon Stripper,Ribbon fiber 4/6/8/12 core Hot Jacket Stripper and Ribbon Soft-Strip Thermal Fiber Stripper

3.SEIKOH GIKEN Polish Film
SEIKOH GIKEN GC5D, GI5D,BR5D,AO5D etc polish film and PL-MT polish liquid

4.Polish Machine
Recommand Senko APC8000 polish machine

5. Crimping Machine
Special Crimping Machine for MPO/MTP Patch cord

6.Multifunction Microscope
Especially proper for detecting of MTRJ MPO MTP connectors

7.12 cores or 24 Chanels MPO/MTP Insertion Loss & Return Loss Tester
Recommand JGR MBR5 or M505B

8.Polarity Testing Machine
Polarity Testing for MPO/MTP patch cord

9.Multi-Fiber Interferometer
automatic and non contact fiber endface interferometer for both multi fiber and single fiber connectors

Also have special MPO oven,MPO Microscope, MPO Jig Cleaner,Fiber Jacket Removal Tool Stripper, Fiber Ribbonizing Tool,US Conec Housing Removal Tool and MPO polish Liquid for MPO/MTP production,need more informations,please contact us by email!


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