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Applications Of Different Package Type PLC Splitters

As one of the most important component of PON (Passive Optical Network) system. The market of fiber optic splitters has grown rapidly. The most commonly used type of fiber optic splitters are FBT (Fused Biconical Taper) coupler splitter and PLC (Planar Lightwave Circuit) splitters. But with the maturity and development of the splitter producing process, the cost of PLC splitter is close to FBT splitter’s. Thus, people are more prefered to use PLC splitters instead of FBT splitters because of the better performance of PLC splitters. In today’s market, there are many package type of PLC splitters which are designed for different applications. Today, we talk about something about the package type of PLC splitters.
If you are the newbie and first time to buy PLC splitters, you might be curious about the package type of the splitters. Actually, it is not as complex as you think. At present, there are six major package type of PLC splitters according to different applications, i.e. bare fiber splitter, module splitter, rack-mount splitter, fan-out & blockless splitter, Tray splitter and LGX splitter. Of course, these five types are the basic type and there are upgrade version on their foundation offered by different vendors. For example, the following shows us the PLC splitters of Anfkom with different package types.

Bare fiber optical splitter
ABS splitters
Blockless fiber splitter
Fanout splitter
Tray splitter
Rack-mount splitter
LGX splitters
PLC splitter in mini plug-in type

The bare fiber splitter is a type of splitters without connectors. Its input and output are designed with bare fibers (generally use ribbon fiber to output). Bare fiber splitters are used for small spaces that can be easily placed in a formal joint boxes and splice closure. In order to facilitate welding, it does not need specially designed for space reserved.
Module splitter, also called cassette splitter, is designed with direct 2.0nm or 3.0nm fiber output. This type of splitter is usually used for patch panel use, such as network cabinet and optical distribution box. It does also need to splice and can better protect the fiber when using. The typical type of module splitter is with ABS box package.
Rack-mount splitter is splitter designed in 19 rack mount metal box. In general, it is with fiber optic adapter in the front panel. Rack-mount splitter is used in 19″ ODF (Optical Distribution Frame).
Blockless fiber splitter and Fan-out splitter are generally called Mini fiber splitter. The former is designed as direct 900μm buffered fiber output pigtail. The latter is designed with 900μm buffered fiber input and fan-out output which can support higher split ratio. They can both be used in splice closure, optical distribution box, as well as installing in tray and rack-mount splitter box to form the tray splitters or rack-mount splitters. Their advantage is that we have no need to splice.
In tray splitter, input fibers and output fibers are preinstalled on a tray which easily fit within ODF, the Cross Connection Cabinet and other optical fiber distribution equipment. The splitters are secured within the trays and the trays are tamper-proof to prevent unwanted entry.
LGX splitter is design in a LGX module which is used for LGX chassis application. It is also terminated with adapters and according to different requirements, LGX modules can be inserted into the chassis. In addition, LGX splitter can also installed in rack mount chassis.

There’s no one-size-fits-all solution. Thus, so many pacakge type of PLC splitters have been launched to the market to satisfy all kinds of application requirements. Anfkom offers a comprehensive solution of fiber optic splitters.


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