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Fiber Patch Cord with Outdoor Waterproof Connector for FTTA

FTTA, Fiber to The Antenna, one kind of outdoor harsh environment. The optic connection between the base station and remote radio unit is the key to the quality of the data transmission to the end-user. This article is going to introduce several types of fiber optic patch cord with waterproof connector typically used to build the connection.

Fiber Patch cord with PDLC Waterproof Connector

waterproof PDLC fiber patch cord

PDLC connector is widely used to connect ZTE/Huawei telecom equipments. Waterproof rate is IP 68, with duplex LC connectors built inside the plastic house. It suit the fiber optic cable with 3~7mm diameter.

Fiber Patch Cord With FullAXS Waterproof Connector

FullAXS is a register trade mark of TE Connectivity. FullAXS is a compact outdoor waterproof connector that is designed to provide IP-67 water and dust seal over LC Duplex, MTP/MPO and other connector types. FullAXS Mini connector is a improved one with small body.  FullAXS Mini Cable diameter max. 9.5mm. FullAXS is mostly used on Errisson Equipments.

Fiber Patch Cord With ODVA Waterproof Connector

ODVA stands for Open DeviceNet Vendors Association. A global association whose members comprise the world’s leading automation companies; ODVA-compliant fiber optic connectors are popular because they are intermatable and interchangeable with other suppliers’ ODVA connectors. ODVA is not only can with built-in LC connectors, also with built-in MPO connector.

The famous company TE Connectivity provides this kind connector.  Senko also provides IP-Series waterproof connector ODVA-compliant.

Fiber Patch cord With Nokia NSN boot

The NSN boot LC patch cord is available with 90 degrees and straight duplex to connect the Nokia Simens RRH panels.  IP67 grade protection from water and dust, salt mist.

Fiber Patch cord With ROSENBERGER Connector

Rosenberger connector

With its Snap-On locking mechanism, the Rosenberger Fiber Enclosure (RFE) sets a milestone in outdoor FTTA installations. The RFE – suitable for fiber optic and data cables – can come pre-assembled on cables or be mounted on cable assemblies in the field.  For cable diameters from 4.5 mm up to 9 mm.

HELIAX® FiberFeed® Weatherproofing Shroud

It is from CommScope, compatible with Ericsson fiber antenna interface (FullAXS interface), UL94 V0, PPS material.

Radiall R2CT™ Fiber Optic Connectors

Radiall R2CT™ is a flexible outdoor interconnection solution that meets the needs of telecommunication fiber-to-the-antenna (FTTA) and similar harsh environments. It is designed firstly for optical links using SFP transceivers and duplex LC fiber optic patch cord, this highly robust and flexible connector is also useful for electrical links. The Kit are assembled in the field over existing optical patch cords (LC connectors) or ethernet RJ45 patch cords and USB connections. It is easy to install and provides a simple and protected sealed connection.

OCTIS: Outdoor Connector Transceiver Inside System

Specifically designed to address the interconnect challenges associated with the deployment of 4G+, LTE+ and future 5G in the Telecom market, OCTIS™ provides a robust I/O solution that can operate in outdoor and harsh environments.



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