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Introduction to fibre patch leads

Fibre patch leads  are designed to rapidly and conveniently connect two fiber optic devices/euipments. One has a connector/connectors at each end.They enable a quick connection or disconnection of fiber optic cable, which makes them faster and easier than splicing. It provides a high reliable way to transmit signals and is very popular in the telecom industry, especially for indoor application,such as for easy installation when paired with patch panels, optical switches, and/or telco equipment. Sometimes it is used in outdoor application, requires the fiber patch lead has perfect waterproof performance.

Fibre patch leads  are classified by transmission distance(long (Single mode)or short distance(Multimode)), by connector type, by polish type(PC or APC).Different color for different type, make it easy to identified. The jacket of the singlemode fiber is normally yellow while the multimode fiber’s is normally orange (OM1 or OM2), Aqua (OM3) or Violet (OM4) (although we can make them in other colors). Connector color Blue means PC while Green means APC.


So when to buy/choose a fibre patch lead, must make these information clear, single mode(G652,G657) or multimode(OM1,OM2,OM3,OM4,OM5), connector type(SC, LC, ST, FC…), polish type(PC or APC). All these information are chosen according to the individual application. Fibre patch leads can be terminated with the same connector type or different connector types at both ends.

Normally the fibre patch leads are simplex or duplex. Sometimes multi cores fibre patch leads are used in some applications. Such as 8 cores, 16cores, … 96 cores.

The key parameters of fibre patch leads are insert loss and return loss, which is most rely on the connector performance.
The loss that occurs while a signal is traveling through a component or system is called as Insertion Loss.Return loss is the loss of power in the signal returned/reflected by a discontinuity in a transmission line or optical fiber.

The key part of connector is ferrule, it play an important role in controlling the insert loss and return loss. APC polishing should be chosen when the fiber link requires low return loss.


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